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Chapter 1: To Wake, Perchance to Smell the Coffee

page 16: Aren't those us-s equally us?   ~ 4/5/2012

Chapter 14: The Building

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  1. kakikara_loxocosm
    said, on 2012-04-06
    You managed to do a 180-degree camera turn between reality and the sub-ipsoid's communication-description reality! I love the ipsoid's and sub-ipsoid's speech balloons, too. And the ...[wallpaper?] patterns in frames 11 and 13-14. :)
  2. kakikara_loxocosm
    said, on 2012-04-06
    “Perhaps what I do not manage to operate rapidly enough is the passage between the outside and the inside.”

    --Helene Cixous

    You manage rapidly what perhaps Cixous did less so.
  3. said, on 2012-04-06
    It's been a while since I drew this; the thing I noticed on re-reading this page -- look at the bottom 1/3rd of panel 1; where are Scon-o's legs? Is the door open below the communication/description bubble?

    My head hurts.
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