~  a story comic which will eventually contain art gumshoes.

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  • art:  products of human endeavor whose function you would have difficulty explaining to a capybara.
  • artgum:  a cross between a pencil eraser and clay.
  • gum:  the candy equivalent of the burning bush; it is masticated without being consumed.
  • gumshoe:  slang for "private eye."
  • shoe:  a protective item of clothing for your feet.
  • artgumshoe:  private eyes specializing in art-based cases.

ArtGumshoe is a story comic which begins with Nerva Scarlotte waking up lying in the back of an unfamiliar car with dried blood on her face and knuckles. It will eventually (after about four or five chapters) include the origins -- and then cases -- of the Easter and Barr Detective Agency; a/k/a, the Art Gumshoes.

Nerva's story dates back to TransBunny.com, and begins in earnest in Book 8.

But there's a large enough cognition gap between the end of Book 8 and the beginning of the events here that familiarity with the previous stuff isn't required. In fact, you'll know as much as most of the other characters if you go in without the backstories.

So, without furthermore ado, here's the first page of ArtGumshoe

~ Kyle-or-Kyla Clearwater

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