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Chapter 1: To Wake, Perchance to Smell the Coffee

page 10: They blur and smolder   ~ 3/15/2012

Chapter 14: The Building

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  1. kakikara_loxocosm
    said, on 2012-03-20
    You drew broken glass, my goodness. I love your onomatopoeias and the way you convey personal speech mannerisms/dialects. You get across so much in tiny little frames, their placement on the page, the staging of each, what/whom you focus on and how. Brilliant storytelling and expressive drawing! :) I look forward to the different variations on "Nervous/Nerva's Wrecks/Vexed," too. It's the first thing I look for on the page. And I love how you pile on the confusion--just when I think you might throw us a bone, it just gets weirder. I don't understand how this is, but it's soooo addicting! You are adept with cliffhangers. I get to the bottom of the page and it's like noooooooooo!!! I don't want it to end!!! Tuesdays and Thursdays can't get here soon enough! :)
  2. said, on 2012-03-20
    Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm struggling for how to reply in the face of so much positive reenforcement, but I think:

    a) tell your friends (at least, those who would be interested -- I imagine this kind of thing would be an acquired taste, like finding a live sea urchin, rather than a teabag, simmering in your tea cup)

    b) I'm contemplating maybe adding Sundays to the list of weekly updates as well, at least for a few months. I was posting one page per week for a few years on transbunny.com while I was writing MORE than one page per week, so the new pages I work on every day are so far in the future from the new pages I put online that its irksome!

    Anyway, I'll be thinking about expanding to thrice weekly, not sure yet.
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