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Chapter 1: To Wake, Perchance to Smell the Coffee

page 17: Hold on to me, yes?   ~ 4/10/2012

Chapter 14: The Building

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  1. kakikara_loxocosm
    said, on 2012-04-11
    So that's what the [wallpaper?] pattern was for!
    Frame 9: "Zooks!" Understatement of the year. :D
    Frame 11: LOL!!!
    Frames 15-16: Oh wow. Dana wears loafers!
    I love how you stretch the frame shapes in this page. All so cinematic. I can practically hear a kind of wub-wub-wubbing noise when I look at Frames 2-4. :)
  2. said, on 2012-04-11
    Yup, not quite wallpaper (it's barely even walls!)

    11 IS kind of odd; definitely sillier-looking than 12! I like 12 a lot (its amazing how much transparency one can convey from a ball-point pen, given practice).

    I'm glad the pseudo-organic gurgles/thrumming noises come through/are suggested!
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