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Chapter 1: To Wake, Perchance to Smell the Coffee

page 20: WUZZN' so EMBIGUOUS   ~ 4/19/2012

Chapter 14: The Building

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  1. kakikara_loxocosm
    said, on 2012-04-21
    Frame 3: "Um, that's ambiguous-" LOL!
    Frame 4: I love Scon-o's pose. :D
    Frame 9: This came as a bit of a surprise to me, in that I didn't see it coming that Dana would complain about the weirdness in this subcafe as opposed to all the weirdness in the previous places. Interesting to tap out where the limits of the characters are.
    Frame 13: Dana showing her compassion again. I really like her. :)
  2. said, on 2012-04-23
    re: frame 4; it's definitely nice to draw a character whose fingers don't need a separate outline!

    I think this subcafe is creeping Dana out where the other ones didn't because this was the first that presented a seemingly-human person who's in just as much flux as the rest of the landscape.
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